One Ultimate Moving Checklist to Rule All The Moving Checklists


Moving to a new home has to be a celebration, however, let’s face it, due to several factors, the process of moving is often very stressful. Our philosophy is to take care of all the moving related stress, so that you can celebrate moving to a new home, and enjoy the new milestone of your life. This article is a part of Moving & Packing Tips series, where we will provide all the necessary information to help you plan your move smooth and stress free.

Let’s get started.

8 Weeks Before You Move To-Do Checklist:

8 weeks is a perfect time period to start the planning. Its very important to start planning ahead for every step of your move. It’s a lot of steps, but good thing is – we’ve got you covered!

1. Bookmark this webpage, you will need to come back time after time, and follow through the steps from the moving checklist.

2. Create a special folder on Google Drive or Dropbox to store receipts, moving quotes and any information related to your move. We suggest creating a folder on cloud, instead of your computer, because you may need to access it on your phone, during the move, or at any other time.

3. Schedule in-home estimates (Well, at this moment, due to COVID-19, we suggest Video Call Estimates) with a moving company that has a good reviews. Companies that do take care of their brand and image, do take care of their customers as well.

4. Spend time asking questions, the more detailed information you get, more prepared you will be for the move day, and the more questions they ask, more prepared they will be to handle your move professionally. It’s important to give them as much information as you can, and try to avoid the “Yes man” companies who try to get hook you as a customer, without asking too many questions, thinking they will figure it out on the move and charge you any additional fees as needed, instead of asking questions in advance and preparing a realistic quote.

5. Now is a good time to request a day off from work for the moving day.

6. Plan a garage sale. After that, donate anything left that was not sold. Positive karma points are always good : )

7. Plan to how move unusual and / or fragile items: Pianos, Fine art, Antiques, Guns, Pool Tables, Safes etc… The movers you hire may not be qualified to move some larger, or expensive items, so make sure to ask about it during the estimate. Again, as a basic rule of thumb, asking several questions is a good sign for the moving company and estimator.

8. Confirm that moving company is insured and licensed (DOT Number)


Moving Checklist: 6 Weeks Before You Move

At this point, there are several tasks that need to be addressed and taken care of.

9. If you are moving out of state, make sure to find time to spend with your family and friends. Make some new memories, maybe throw a simple dinner party or organize a picnic, it doesnt have to be elaborate and fancy, its about people and relationships.

10. Collect free boxes that you can use for packing. You can check your local bookstores and libraries, they often have boxes that they dont need and will be more than happy to hand them over.

11. Research packing tips, tricks and hacks – we have an awesome guide on this subject.

12. Label your moving boxes using different colored stickers and tape for each room, also mark boxes that are fragile.. When the moving is done, this will make your life a lot easier to start unpacking.

13. Create an inventory sheet of all your valuables and which boxes are they stored in. Again, use Google drive or Dropbox, you may have to access the inventory on your phone as well.

14. Take photos of all electronics before unplugging them. You will be thanking us for this tip, later on when you are trying to plug in and set up your electronics.

15. Find out if there are any moving day requirements, elevator booking or any other guidelines to follow for moving – if you are moving in an apartment.

16. Time to address the minor home repairs. If you live in an apartment, this may make the difference between getting your security deposit back, or not.

17. Measure doorways, stairways and elevators to make sure all your furniture will fit.

18. Remember, pack a little every day. Its better to pack this way, than finding yourself packing all of your belongings the night before the move.

19. Get yourself a cup of coffee, open up google and research your new home neighbourhood for the points of interest.


4 Weeks Before You Move:

20. Gather all your documents in one place: Financial & legal records, birth certificates and passports, IDs. Compile medical, dental and otpical records, request copies of your vet records if you have pets, etc..

21. If you are moving out to a different city / state, find a new doctor, dentist, vet etc.. in your new neighborhood.

22. Update your voter registration

23. Call your service provider to book an installation appointment and transfer your internet and cable plan to your new home.


2 Weeks Before You Move:

Moving day is almost here, but no need to panic. You have been following the most epic, detailed moving checklist that has you covered.

24. Stock on and prepare two weeks worth of meals.

25. Fill your prescriptions.

26. Backup your computer and important files. You’ll be thanking yourself for this, if something goes bad during the moving.

27. Prepare a list of emergency service technicians. If there will be any emergencies in your new home, its better to be prepared.

28. If you have kids, schedule a shift with a babysitter.

29. Find a place to go for your pets during your move. Check out the local pet daycare or ask a friend to watch them for a day.

30. Update your address with banks, loan providers, payroll department at work etc…

31. Change address for social security benefits, notify government offices, including Social Security Administration, IRS, Department of Veterans Affairs etc…

32. Cancel or transfer your memberships at the gym.

33. Update your address for magazine subscriptions.

34. Transfer your utilities to a new address.

35. Update your address on all your favorite online shopping websites: Amazon, eBay etc…

36. Update your driver’s license.


Last Week Before You Move – To Do Checklist:

time to clean home, finish packing, organize everything, go through the moving checklist again and make sure you didnt forget or skip anything. This will allow for a stress-free moving day.

37. Double check and make sure you canceled and / or rediected scheduled deliveries.

38. Clean up your current home for the next resident.

39. Unplog your fridge the night before move. Let it defrost overnight. Make sure you lay a towel in front of it to absorb any water leaks.

40. Check the weather forecast to be ready, if there will be a rain or snow.

41. Pick a separate box and place all the essentials that you will need in the first 24 hours in new home.

42. Make a worst-case scenario plan in case your movers run late (that is, if you hired some other company, instead of Relo 😀 )

43. Take photos of your empty place, just in case you will need to prove that you left it in a move-out condition.

44. Prepare cash to tip to movers.

45. Clean your new home. Previous residents may or may not have cleaned up before they left.

46. If you have a roommate, have a night out with him / her, after all, its and end of an era.


Moving Day:

Alright! Today is the day! You are ready for this, smooth and easy, this will be a stress free move.

47. Wake up early and double check on the boxes. Make sure the essentials and necessary boxes are placed separately.

48. When the moving is done, tip your movers, they have earned it.

49. Once the movers leave, unpack your essentials box, make your bed and take shower.

Post Move To Do Checklist:

50. Leave a detailed review of your experience with a moving company at Google business page and Yelp.

51. Post leftover unwanted stuff and leftover moving boxes on Craigslist.

52. Sip a coffee and pat yourself on the back, you made it!

53. Post on our facebook page, how was your experience and how did this moving checklist help you. We are always happy to update the list, if you have any comments and notes.



Post Move To Do:

50. Leave a detailed review of your experience with a moving company at Google business page and Yelp.

51. Post leftover unwanted stuff and leftover moving boxes on Craigslist.

52. Sip a coffee and pat yourself on the back, you made it!

53. Post on our facebook page, how was your experience and how did this moving checklist help you. We are always happy to update the list, if you have any comments and notes.

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